Important Notes

1. Travel package rates (land, air and airport taxes) are always subject to currency fluctuations and increases prior to full payment being received. Furthermore, the airline reservations system only allows a flight booking to be made within 357 days of the date of travel. Should the booking be for further than 357 days in advance the client will be contacted with the relevant options once flights are available to book in the airline system.

Amendments will be processed at a fee of R300 per person per amendment.

Please see permitted luggage allowance per person/per vehicle under the “Transfers” section. Should additional luggage-type article or sporting equipment need to be transported it is essential that provision is made for these additional pieces of baggage. In certain instances, larger vehicles or private transfers would need to be booked at the applicable supplement.

The international outbound flight is a night flight which departs either before midnight or in the early hours of the morning. Please ensure that all passengers are at check-in 3 hours prior to the departure time on the correct date stated on the confirmation. Check-in time at the hotel is generally 2 pm on the day of arrival. Courtesy lounges are available for early arrivals/late departures as well as baggage storage facilities for clients who opt not to book their room from the time of arrival at the hotel.

Package rates are based on a discounted airfare specials. Post ticket issuance no name changes or re-routings are permitted. Cancellation fees are class and special dependent. Once air tickets are issued 20 – 100% cancellation fees apply together with applicable administration fees. Re-booking of dates is permitted after ticket issuance at a charge provided the specified class is available. If the specified class is not available the air ticket may be upgraded to a higher fare and the applicable amendment fee will be charged. Ticket time limits for air tickets booked within 48 hours of departure are stipulated as per payment deadline. Strict terms and further conditions apply. Air tickets cannot be issued prior to Travel Essence receiving a completed booking form listing each passenger’s full passport name. Therefore in the event that payment is received without a booking form, tickets will not be issued and re-pricing of the fare will come into effect.

6. All inquiries and business conducted with Travel Essence are subject to Travel Essence’s Terms and Conditions (‘T&C’), a copy of which is attached or can be found on Travel Essence’s website Every enquirer and person engaging in a transaction with Travel Essence is deemed to have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. If any enquirer or person engaging in a transaction or contemplating to do so has any misapprehension about such transaction or the implications thereof, such enquirer or person must contact Travel Essence in person, telephonically or via e-mail, indicating the misapprehension and requesting an explanation. Once a booking is made, it means that if the enquirer had any such misapprehension it has been explained to his/her satisfaction.

Travel documentation: Please allow sufficient time for the application of passports, visas, unabridged birth certificates, letters of residency, vaccinations etc.

8. Traveling with minors: The new Immigration Act which came into effect on 01 June 2015 stipulates ALL CHILDREN under the age of 18 years at the time of emigration or immigration must travel with an unabridged birth certificate in addition to a valid passport and visa/s, if applicable. Furthermore, written consent and specific paperwork are required when a minor travel with one parent only and if any child/children are not the biological child/children of the adults who accompany them through a border post.

9. Visas: South African passport holders do not require visas or re-entry permits for travel to Mauritius.

10. Passports: Each passenger traveling, irrespective of age, must have their own, valid passport. All passports must have two blank pages available at the time of travel.

11. Temporary passports: Temporary South African passports are no longer issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

12. Foreign passport holders: Those passengers traveling on a foreign passport must contact the applicable consulate for emigration/immigration requirements pertaining to their nationality.

13. Foreign nationals with residency status: Foreign nationals with permanent residency status residing in South Africa are now required to produce their ORIGINAL residency certificate at the time of re-entry into South Africa.

14. Special requests: Travel Essence will endeavor to comply with special requests however we cannot guarantee requests will be met. No request can be implemented unless stated in writing by the agent to Beachcomber Tours.

15. Meal package: By way of signing below the client accepts that the meal package as stated on the confirmation is correct and they acknowledge the inclusions thereof.

16. Permitted luggage for transfers: The client acknowledges that no additional baggage or sporting equipment needs to be accommodated over and above the standard offer as per confirmation.

17. Insurance: It is essential for Clients to purchase travel insurance as our terms and conditions will be strictly adhered to.

18. The above information may change without prior notice and we, therefore, recommend clients’ consult their travel agent for updated information on all necessary travel documents. Travel Essence does not accept responsibility for clients traveling with incorrect, or missing, travel documentation.

Rates are quoted in South African Rand. Owing to the volatility of the rand, all rates quoted are to serve as an estimate and are an indication only. A booking needs to be made within 24 hours of the quote being provided in order to secure the rate quoted. Airfare prices are based on classes available at the time of the booking being made. Rates are based on prevailing hotel prices, land costs, accommodation availability, airfares, fuel taxes and rates of exchange. The Company and it’s suppliers reserves the right to adjust prices on all quotes and bookings in accordance with increases as well as any seasonal adjustments and currency fluctuations and therefore all rates are only guaranteed once full and final payment is received. All efforts are made to advise clients of an impending increase however in certain instances there is no advance warning when an increase is beyond The Company’s control. Increases or currency adjustments and surcharges are calculated on the total package price of the outstanding service ie land transport and accommodation using the prevailing rate of exchange on the day, and not on the difference owing in the case where deposits have been paid or on the rate of exchange on the day that the booking was initially made.

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