Why Do I Charge A Professional Fee?

I am a travel professional, valued for my expertise and my knowledge.

I have been in the travel industry for 23 years.  7 years at Sure Travel, 5 years at Harvey World Travel and 11 years on my own as an Independent Travel Consultant.

Yes, you can book your travel online but it doesn’t mean that you will get the right deal, or an accurate reservation, the best advice or support when you need it. 

My clients get a high-service, customer-centric experience from beginning to end.  These days this is so rare.

The fees I charge are not for making your bookings.  Professional fees are for advice, value, guidance; support before/during/after your trip, connections with my suppliers, on-going training, advocacy if something should go wrong…and so much more.

Travel Agency Professional Fee vs Commission

Believe it or not, travel agencies are getting less and less commission these days. Suppliers, airlines, hotels, and tour operators are all selling directly to the customer and online now and trying to cut out travel agents. Costs to operate a business increases as much as the cost of living does.

Sometimes commissions are so low that the R250 per person professional fee that I charge is more than the commission I earn on a booking. And that’s a fact. I love what I do but I can’t work for free.

Professional fees fund creating a human experience.  I offer a human service and no website or app can replicate that.

This is where you’ll get a superior experience beyond just bookings, including restaurant research and reservations, activities research, and much more!

What makes me a great travel agent?

Curiosity – I’m curious about the world, about you, about your business. I want to get to know you and what makes you tick so I can anticipate your needs.

Specialized – I stand out because of my skill and knowledge in a specific specialization.

In it for the long-haul – I’m interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Strategic-minded – Travel is not just about getting you from A to B. It’s about getting you from A to B in such a way that your business, and you, will flourish.

Beyond tick-the-box travel – I take any disruption to your travels personally, re-accommodating you the same way I would for family or friends.

Recognition’s & Registrations

Travel Agent Shani-Lily Erasmus Travel Agency Professional Fee
Travel Practitioner Shani-Lily Erasmus

I’m looking forward to organizing a wonderful holiday for you.

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